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Verakose – How It Works?

  • Helps reduce the abnormal expansion of capillaries.
  • Helps get rid of swelling.
  • Helps dissolve blood clots.
  • Makes skin smooth and flexible.

 Price: 990 Baht

  • Offers Thailand (TH):        Price: 990 Baht

1. These are the typical symptoms of varicose veins:

  • Leg cramps, difficulty moving legs at the end of the day
  • Severe swollen feet
  • The bag swelled out.
  • Muscle pain at night

2. After using Verakose for 3 weeks:

  • The affected veins should no longer be painful.
  • The swelling and burning in the veins will go away.
  • There will be no more “capillaries” on the skin.
  • The skin will gradually become more elastic.

3. Opinions of experts

  • “Unfortunately, nearly 80% of women are diagnosed with varicoseveins. Moreover, today, the disease also affects young women. In the past, most people over the age of 45 were diagnosed with varicoseveins. But now there are women from 20-25 years old, many are looking for ways to treat this disease ”,
  • Before Product became known on the market, all I can recommend to my patients is to wear pressure socks to increase blood flow. Or blood thinners. But there are many cases that can only be cured with surgery. While the results are completely unpredictable.
  • But now you can eliminate the symptoms of varicoseveins at home in just one week and in 3 weeks you will be cured! And to achieve this effect, use Product twice a day on problem areas.
  • After the first use you should be able to feel the pain and swelling in your legs gradually disappear. You will feel better. I recommend Product for everyone to try. Even pregnant women can use this cream. Because it is absolutely safe for human health.

4. Effects of varicose veins

  • Dead cells
  • Dead leg tissue
  • Swollen feet and black marks on the skin
  • Bleeding caused by a ruptured vein
  • Venous thromboembolism due to blood clot
  • Phlebitis

5. Valuable ingredients:

  • Ascorbic acid: hardens blood vessel walls
  • Ruby extract: antioxidant
  • Pine Bark Extract: Antioxidant
  • Blueberry powder: pain relief
  • Broccoli powder: reduce the risk of atherosclerosis

6. Varicose veins in humans

  • 80% of women have symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency
  • 20% of those who have to undergo dangerous surgery
  • 65% That you are more likely to have varicoseveins if your parents have it.
  • 70% of pregnant women have varicoseveins
  • 90% of women who wear heels over 1.5 inches at least once a week have varicoseveins

7. After using VERAKOSE80

  • 100% no longer feel pain in my legs or have difficulty moving my legs.
  • 97% of capillaries disappear
  • 96% of the circulatory system returned to normal.
  • 100% of foot swelling disappeared
  • 95% of the blood vessels are deformed and the aneurysm disappears.

8. What do users say?

  • Chamras, 67 years old: For me, varicose veins are hereditary. Passed down from generation to generation I have suffered from it for most of my life. Had to wear tights and take a lot of medicine. I applied cream or gel but it didn’t go away at all. My daughter recently bought me Verakose ice cream and it saved me! I never thought I could get rid of chronic varicose veins so easily. I have been using this cream for 6 months and even the doctors are amazed at the results.
  • Chonthisa, 36 years old: The veins in our calves swell a lot. The doctor said surgery is enough. But we don’t want surgery. I don’t want a scar on my leg. So we decided to try Verakose instead, after 2 weeks of use my pain and swelling in my legs was gone. After another week, the bulging veins almost completely disappeared.
  • Aranya, 38 years old: Years have passed, and we still have not recovered from varicose veins of the knee joint. We suffer because of it a lot. Last year, we noticed that the veins were starting to bulge. So we thought we had to do something and went to the doctor, the doctor advised us to try Verakose cream, unbelievable, we saw a difference from the first time using this cream. We don’t have foot pain anymore. Two weeks later, the swollen capillaries and veins were gone.
  • Nichanan, 41 years old: We had varicose veins after our pregnancy. Topical medications prescribed by a doctor only have a temporary effect. Socks that are too tight make it difficult to walk. Honestly, I almost gave up and decided to have surgery. But I had heard about Verakose ice cream before so I bought it. The results showed that after using the aneurysm the aneurysm disappeared. Now my legs are back as beautiful as before!

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