Multilan (TH) – Start restoring your hearing today


Multilan helps restore hearing back to normal naturally.

  • 100% hearing restoration without surgery.
    + Allows you to live life without hearing aids.
    + Hypoallergenic and safe for all ages.
    + 100% natural.
  • Your hearing is threatened if you have any of the following symptoms:
    + Migraine ear pain.
    + Noise in the ears and dizziness.
    Thick, yellow-green discharge from the ear.
    Tinnitus and hearing loss.

Price: 990 Baht

1. How Multilan works?

  • Spinach powder
    Like minerals, lice eggs are pigments that help create favorable conditions for the parasites and various enzymes that make up the environment. It is powerful, effective in preventing ear infections and helps Yarami strengthen the ear cells.
  • Turmeric powder
    Meopotasseium is excellent, helps a lot in removing oxygen. The bottom part of the brain allows vision and hearing cells to function for a long time, greatly reducing problems and reducing the risk of hearing loss.
  • Ginkgo leaf extract
    Flavonoids and terpeneoids, which are antioxidants, help to stimulate blood flow and promote nervous system activity, help nerves to function, achieve proper position, and also prevent nerve deterioration auditory nerve.

2. Multilan is developed by leading scientists

  • In 2017, scientists developed a unique active product for hearing restoration called Multilan. Many clinical trials have confirmed its high effectiveness. After that, it was sold on the Thai market and received the trust of buyers.
  • The product contains a blend of natural plant-based ingredients that enhance synergistic effects and enhance each other’s effects.
  • This patented formula has no other formula in the world that can compare. This product has the ability to restore bone function in the middle ear at the cellular level, Multilan completely removes and prevents excessive accumulation of earwax. It is the only way to correct hearing problems without surgery. However, this product is limited. It can be purchased through the official website. The price is considered to be very reasonable.

3. What are the causes of deafness? Let’s use Multilan!

  • You often feel tightness in your ears even after a respiratory infection.
  • You get dizzy easily.
  • You always listen to loud music at concerts or through headphones.
  • You are often in noisy places at home or work.
  • You have been taking the medicine regularly for 6 months or longer.
  • Other family members, the person has partial or total hearing loss.
  • You have trouble understanding conversations. Ask the other person to repeat or increase the volume as you speak.
  • You have ear pain, otitis media or external ear canal.

3. Opinions of Experts and Users

  • Expert: Stanley A. William, Professor of Otolaryngology
    The cause of hearing loss isn’t just loud noises at work, infectious disease or inflammation. Hearing loss is directly dependent on high sugar and cholesterol levels, a weakened immune system, or poor personal hygiene.
    Multilan is therefore the preferred product for those who are consulting. The secret lies in the combination of effective ingredients. Helps restore hearing back to normal naturally.
  • Kanya
    I suddenly started losing my hearing. Go see an otolaryngologist. Get medication as prescribed by your doctor in the form of hearing aid drops. But my hearing got worse and worse after a month. Everything will be back to normal!!!
  • Kwan
    The doctor said he needed surgery. And there is no way to help. It’s only one step away from becoming permanently deaf. But personally, I am a person who is afraid of surgery. So I decided to do some research online to find another way and found Multilan. I feel like my hearing is back after about two weeks. Very good.
  • Jane Jira
    From a friend of mine recommended Multilan because a friend came back to hear the news after an accident. Have worn hearing aids for a long time. But now it can be removed. Can’t believe it’s such a good product.
  • When can I expect results?
    1-3 days after use. Delivers voice and voice clarity. You will forget that you spent all day trying to listen to what people are saying and get annoyed with music or background noise.
    7-9 days after use. 70% better hearing and no need for additional hearing aids. You will be able to hear people talking near or far more easily. that has never happened before.
    19-30 days after using the hearing is clearly improved. Throw away the hearing aid. You can use your daily life to the fullest.

4. Proper ear care

  • Many of us think that earwax is a residue, a dirt of the body that needs to be removed, even removing earwax as an indispensable daily body hygiene measure, some families buy it. Homemade earwax kit. In fact, is earwax good or bad?
  • What is earwax?
    Earwax is produced from the outer third (hairy part) of the outer ear canal, the inner part close to the eardrum does not produce this substance. This is a mixture of: sloughed epithelial cells (dead skin), secretions from sebaceous glands, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, hair, and foreign particles and dirt.
  • Main components of earwax:
    60% keratin
    12-20% long chain fatty acids (saturated and unsaturated), alcohol, lanosterol, squalene
    6-9% cholesterol
  • Depending on the concentration of fatty acids (lipids), wax is divided into 2 types:
    + Wet wax: 50% lipid: dominant: orange, honey brown, dark brown; sticky.
    + Dry wax: 20% lipid, gray, brittle, easy to peel.
    Earwax is race-related, genetic.
  • Effects of earwax:
    + Lubrication: Waterproof, protect the sensitive lining of the ear canal from the impact of water, avoid dry skin causing skin diseases, protect the eardrum.
    + Kills bacteria and fungi: The pH of the ear canal is about 6.1, slightly acidic.
  • Self-cleaning mechanism of the external ear canal:
    This process takes place by the phenomenon of gradually pushing the peeling epidermal cells of the skin from the inner position close to the eardrum to the outer ear (the speed is equivalent to the growth of a fingernail) under the help of skin metabolism. Jaw movements when chewing or speaking…the earwax will gradually dry, flake and fall out.
  • Proper ear care:
    + Due to the self-cleaning mechanism of the ear, it is not necessary for us to remove earwax. Only use a soft cotton cloth soaked in water or a cotton swab to gently wipe the outside of the earlobe for cleaning.
    + Any improper impact can push earwax deep inside, causing earwax accumulation, trauma, ear canal infection even perforation of the eardrum!!!
  • The self-cleaning process of the ear is hindered in a number of cases:
    + The outer ear canal is too narrow or abnormally curved, due to congenital, trauma or infection…
    + Incorrect earwax removal: picking with a cotton swab pushes the wax deep inside.
    + Use earphones or wear hearing aids regularly.
    + Diseases of the skin of the ear canal: fungus, dermatitis, eczema, …
    + Frequent exposure to strong noise for several hours a day causes increased wax secretion.
    + Aging: In the elderly, earwax tends to become harder and thicker.
    + The body lacks zinc, magnesium, and omega-3.
    + The location of excessive secretion of wax for no apparent reason.
    + This obstruction causes excessive accumulation of earwax causing symptoms: pain, tinnitus, itching, hearing loss, hearing loss or loss, distraction, delay in speech in children.
  • When experiencing the above symptoms, visit an ENT doctor for proper care and treatment!

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