Daily Go (TH) – Can be skinny without starving


Daily Go – The most popular weight loss trend from America.

  • Thin all proportions.
  • Non-chemical nature.
  • Slim in 1 month.
  • Definitely not getting fat back.

Price: 990 Baht

How does Daily Go work?

  • Adjust the body both beautiful and balanced: Help balance the system in the body, especially the metabolic process. Energize the body for full use No excess fat accumulates in different parts And can also help reduce cravings Makes you feel strong Fresh throughout the day.
  • Accelerates the conversion of fat mass into muscle: Helps extract fatty acids by converting them into cell energy. Make the body burn more And stimulate the conversion of fat mass into muscle faster
  • Inhibits new fat accumulation: Daily Go contains Chlorogenic Acid that reduces starch absorption, converts it into sugars to accumulate in different parts of the body, and stimulates Carnitine Pamitoyl Transferase in the liver to increase fat utilization.
  • Encourage the body to burn more: Contains Capsicum extract to stimulate the body to burn more. Break down fat And sweat also. Maintain a healthy circulatory system. And the blend of Cactus extract helps reduce cholesterol and reduce excess fat absorption by helping to be eliminated out of the digestive system.

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