Cellarin (TH) – Treats your skin 24 hours a day


Cellarin helps to remove wrinkles quickly!

  • Your skin age may not be the same as your actual age. This is what you’re worried about, isn’t it?
  • Dryness is the enemy of your skin and you should stop it.
  • Cellarin is the key to beauty that your skin is cared for 24 hours a day.
  • As you age, your skin becomes more wrinkled with age. Cellarin can help stimulate your skin and help you look younger naturally ! It will remove:
    + Wrinkles around the eyes.
    + Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth.
    + Dark under eyes.
    + The shape is not clear.

Price: 990 Baht

1. What is Cellarin’s secret?

  • Carefully selected ingredients soften and moisturize the skin. Protects skin from dehydration and increases skin moisture.
  • Helps relieve dry, itchy and flaky facial skin. Adjust face shape and enhance facial contours. Sagging cheeks, unclear facial structure, jawline
    large, this problem can be solved.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes. Wrinkles around the mouth, dark circles, crow’s feet, eye bags, wrinkles around the mouth can be eliminated with one step that protects the skin from aging.
  • Stimulate collagen production, reduce dark spots fade, remove dark circles, make skin more elastic.

2. What ingredients does Cellarin contain?

  • Vitamin B3
    Helps balance and even skin tone and reduce redness, dark spots and dark circles under the eyes. Anti-inflammatory and reduces acne. Helps strengthen our skin barrier. It helps control sebum production and prevents water loss.
  • Jojoba oil
    Makes the skin soft and soothes the skin by retaining moisture in the outermost layer of the skin. Soothes dry, flaky and itchy skin. Has anti-inflammatory and emollient properties. Helps restore skin barrier function. Slow down the aging process.
  • Peach Extract
    Reduces signs of pigmentation and increases skin moisture. As a result, skin looks firmer and feels more hydrated. It is a natural antioxidant. Helps fight free radicals that cause wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone and other signs of aging.
  • Argylene
    It is a synthetic peptide made from the proteins found in Botox. It is mainly used as an ingredient in anti-aging and anti-aging creams or serums. Designed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, including the forehead and cheeks.
  • Vitamin E
    As an antioxidant and promotes skin healing to reduce signs of aging. It also moisturizes and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.

3. The most effective methods to remove wrinkles

  • As soon as there are small signs of wrinkles appearing in recognizable areas such as: the corners of the eyes, the corners of the mouth, you can apply ways to remove wrinkles at home or use technology to reduce wrinkles spreading and increasing.
  • Remove wrinkles under the eyes
    Wrinkles under the eyes appear along with aging on the skin and hormonal changes that cause the eye area to form wrinkles around. You can remove wrinkles under the eyes with natural ingredients such as: coconut oil, fresh lemon, pineapple juice.
    For coconut oil, you just need to wash your face and apply a little around the eye area, gently massage so that the nutrients of coconut oil are penetrated deep into the eye area. Coconut oil is a natural product that moisturizes, removes wrinkles without causing any side effects.
    For fresh lemon or pineapple juice, take a cotton ball to absorb the solution of fresh lemon juice or pineapple juice and gently wipe around the eyes. Then, massage the eye area to let the nutrients penetrate deep into the skin for about 10-15 minutes and rinse with cold water.
    Use ice cubes in a clean towel and massage in circles around your eyes. This method is extremely simple and can be applied daily to help remove wrinkles in the eye area.
  • Reduce eye wrinkles with exercises for eye muscles
    To remove wrinkles around the eyes, you can do the following exercises: use two fingers to press on both temples, then pull back and close and open your eyes continuously. Continue this activity to help the skin around the face to be elastic and reduce sagging as well as dark circles and wrinkles on the face.
  • You can use natural masks such as:
    Remove wrinkles under eyes with honey and brown sugar within 3-4 minutes to remove dead skin and regenerate new skin.
    Coffee grounds + honey + fresh milk without sugar + pure honey within 3-4 minutes effectively remove dead skin cells.
    The mixture of coconut oil + honey + brown sugar + oats has the ability to exfoliate and whiten skin.
    The mixture of sea salt + fresh milk within 5 minutes has antibacterial ability and cleans the skin from deep inside.
    The mixture of lemon and egg white within 5 minutes helps to reduce the amount of sebum secreted on the skin, tighten pores, and effectively fight inflammation.
    Brown sugar and unsweetened yogurt for about 5 minutes have the ability to clean the skin, regenerate new cells, and safely exfoliate.
    In addition to using exfoliating masks, you should also maintain a scientific and reasonable diet. It is recommended to add vitamins C, A, E found in fresh green foods such as avocados, sunflower seeds, broccoli, tomatoes, etc. to help keep the skin young and full of life.
  • Remove wrinkles around the corner of the mouth simply and easily:
    Masks from fresh fruits such as tomatoes, papaya, pineapple, lemon, grapes, etc. have the ability to help improve the skin’s whiteness and fight the cells that cause aging under the skin. Prevents wrinkling in the corners of the mouth. Just puree the fresh fruits and apply directly on the face for 15-20 minutes and wash off with water.
  • Daily facial massage to remove wrinkles around the mouth
    Use 2 index fingers to press on the smile line area for about 10 seconds, then slide it to the sides to stretch the lip groove area and continue this operation to the cheek area for about 10 minutes. Use 2 index fingers to press on the central lip groove and gently stroke to the sides to stretch the wrinkles at the corners of the mouth.
    In addition, you can use coconut oil during facial massage to increase the effect. After massaging your face, wash your face and dry it, pat your cheeks 10-20 times with clean water to balance the facial skin.
  • Use skin care products to remove wrinkles
    At the age of 20, the skin begins to change collagen, to prevent skin aging and remove wrinkles around the mouth, you should use anti-aging cosmetics that are extracted from nature, have the ability to supplement Supplement collagen and vitamins to help skin firm and full of vitality.
  • How to remove forehead wrinkles safely and effectively
    Forehead wrinkles are horizontal lines and usually appear when you raise or frown. This wrinkle forms when you work your facial muscles with everyday emotions.
    Use creams that contain antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamins C and E to help prevent aging on the skin. It is recommended to apply the cream at night or in the morning to help moisturize the skin to maintain a youthful and smooth skin. Thereby, reducing wrinkles appearing on the forehead.
    Apply the cream lightly and evenly, avoid applying the cream too harshly, it will make the skin flabby and aging quickly. Some typical creams help to remove wrinkles right on the forehead such as: Kracie Hadabisei, Everlift,,….
  • Remove wrinkles by exfoliating regularly
    Dead cells are old cells under the skin that are formed and accumulated unevenly, causing skin congestion, rough skin and wrinkles. Depending on your skin type, you can exfoliate your skin twice a week or once a day to remove the dead skin deep inside.
    You can use cosmetic exfoliating products or use natural products to remove wrinkles such as honey, coffee grounds, etc., which also have the effect of exfoliating the face.

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