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  • Ashford provides a very wide variety of fashionable Jewelry (Swarovski, Invicta,…) and Luxury Watches (Calvin Klein, Glashutte, Daniel Wellington,…).
  • Ashford offers 100% authentic, brand-new, brand-name merchandise from some of the finest manufacturers on the planet, all at discount prices.
  • With excellent reputation; no-hassle 30-day return policy; free shipping and savings up to 80%, you can be sure that converting with Ashford is very easy.



  • We are headquartered in one of New York City’s most iconic neighborhoods and a hub for all things luxury, Tribeca!
  • Although Ashford.com has been in business since 1997 and pioneered the sale of luxury timepieces on the web. We take great pride in being one of the pioneers in the watch ecommerce industry and strive to treat each customer with respect and fairness.
  • Our knowledgeable associates are waiting to help you with your purchase. Contact us here with questions or concerns.


  • Every watch from Ashford.com is guaranteed to be:
  • 100% genuine and authentic
  • Free of any serial number tampering
  • Shipped in its original box with original packing and owner’s guide
  • Protected by our two-year extensive warranty

   3. PRICES

  • As Ashford has grown, we have developed the capacity to purchase large quantities of inventory at excellent prices. Our buyers are luxury experts, and have a passion for finding you the best pieces at the best prices.
  • It is our pleasure to pass the savings back to our customers, and provide you the best service with in-stock, ready to ship luxury products.


  • We are proud to have an international community of over 1,000,000 satisfied customers since 1997. Take a look at what just a few of them are saying, or share your feedback with us here.


  • We’re a safe, secure place to buy, accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our site is secured against personal information theft and other online dangers thanks to daily testing from McAfee SECURE.


  • It’s not always easy to find the best style for you. Just remember that you don’t have to buy something extravagant to have a stylish watch. That said, you will need to consider a few different factors when finding your perfect watch.
  • Many watch styles of Ashford are meant to be more practical, with materials and designs that have been optimized for different climates and rough conditions. For example, if you are frequently around water, you will likely want a watch that is both stylish and water-resistant. Alternatively, if you like to travel across different locations, you might want a GMT watch that can help you better track the time across time zones.
  • Needless to say, style is not all about functionality. You will also need to consider your watch size. Do you want a small, slim, delicate timepiece or a large, bold watch face? In addition to watch sizes, you will also need to consider the color and material of cases and watchbands, as these can affect the look and feel of your purchase.


  • Though it is not always the case, men’s watch sizes tend to be larger than watches for women. On average, you can expect the case size to range between 38 and 42 mm in diameter. Anything larger is categorized as an “oversized” watch, while anything smaller is often reserved for women’s watches. Men’s watches tend to be thicker as well, though the exact thickness will depend on the style, manufacturer, and types of mechanisms used to keep time.
  • Band width can also play a role in the watch you choose. Thicker bands tend to make a stronger impression, though it all comes down to your personal preference. Some shoppers prefer the feeling of a slimmer band, as it can be more comfortable, particularly in warmer temperatures.


  • Women’s watch styles of AshFord have evolved to cover styles for women with different needs and aesthetic desires. That said, many high-end watchmakers still aim to make women’s watches refined, elegant, and beautiful. Fortunately, this still leaves plenty of room for variation.
  • You can choose from square-faced watches with chain bands to more traditional-faced watches with leather straps. The designs of women’s watch bands, cases, and faces can be classic and minimalist or modern and functional. But no matter what you choose, the important part is that the style works for you.
  • Two of the most popular materials for women’s watches are gold and diamonds. Gold can often be used to create the casing and band, while diamonds typically serve as an adornment to the watch face or dial. In any case, if you want a watch with authentic gold or diamonds, you should expect to pay more for the materials.


  • Women’s watches tend to be smaller than men’s watches by most metrics, including the face diameter, case size, watch thickness, and band width. Standard watch cases for women often range between 25 and 30 mm, though mini-cases are also popular. Women’s watch bands are similarly small, with a diameter roughly two-thirds the size of equivalent men’s bands.
  • Needless to say, women no longer have to conform to these sizes — and many don’t want to. As a result, most of the best watch manufacturers now offer larger watch sizes specifically for women. This can make it far easier to read the time, especially during exercise or other physical activities.

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